In Her Words


Shayla Sanchez

My name is Shayla Sanchez. I’m 16 years old, and currently a junior at Pasco High School in Pasco, Washington. I have been a Girl Scouts for 8 years.

Girl Scouts has molded me into the better version of myself and kept me focused on my future goals. In addition to the multiple opportunities I’ve had as a Girl Scout, I’ve made friendships that will last me all my life.

Most people think of cookies when it comes to Girl Scouts, but Girl Scouts is more than cookies. We camp, we learn fire building skills, we build traditions, sing songs.

The most important thing I’ve gained from Girl Scouts is how to become a leader and solve problems.

Girl scouts gave me a family that will be with me forever, and I will be forever grateful for Girl Scouts.


Adalgisa DeCaro

I’m going on my 11th year as a Girl Scout. Girl Scouts is very important to me. It has definitely shaped the leader I am today and the person I have become.

Girl Scouts has given me many opportunities. I’ve gone to Space Camp, Costa Rica, and I was one of two girls from our council to have attended a special camp at NASA this summer.

No matter what I have done with Girl Scouts I have changed in one way or another. I really credit my ability to socially interact with anyone—older, younger, and my own age— to Girl Scouts, my mom, and the many experiences I’ve gained from Girl Scouts.

When I was younger, I would go to a lot of day camps and it challenged me to make new friends each time I went, and now I am truly grateful.

One thing I really want others to know about Girl Scouts is the opportunities for older girls and the impact Girl Scouts makes on older girls.


Abrihet Cascaden

I’ve been a Girl Scout for 2 years and am in the 3rd grade. Girl Scouts has impacted me by making realize how important it is to help others. It’s taught me how to share and to love one another.

I’ve made new friends, had role models, and learned more self respect. I’ve also learned how to be a strong role model for girls younger than me. I’ve learned how to set goals and to not just achieve them but to go above those goals.

In Girl Scouts I’ve learned how important it is to support others and my community.

You can make someone happy by just being kind. There is more to Girl Scouts than just selling cookies.