Start your own fundraiser to support girls.


Step 1

Choose your campaign and set a goal

Run a race. Bike a city. Hold a fish-a-thon or ski-a-thon, or any kind of “thon”. Fundraise for your birthday. Create a company-wide event. The possibilities are endless. Make sure to set a goal, how much do you plan to raise, and in what amount of time.

Step 2

Show people your support

Be the first to donate to your fundraising page.

Step 3

Engage Your Community

Tell people across your social media about your fundraising campaign and how they can donate and get involved.

Step 4

start an email campaign

Tell people why you are fundraising and invite them to help.

Step 5

share your progress

Update your progress and provide incentives to help people help you reach your goal.


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Or download our ToolKit for some ideas on how to get started.