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Objective 3: Create a Maker’s Space at our Program Center in Spokane, WA Allocated Funds: $95,000

Overcoming the STEM Gap


A growing focus for Girl Scouts has been inspiring girls to reach for STEM. While girls are interested in STEM subjects, many of them do not see a future in the field. A recent survey found that while 74% of girls say they’re interested in STEM, only 13% say a career in STEM is their first choice. Girls in STEM classes are frequently called on less than her male counterparts when asked questions and are asked less frequently to take a leadership roles in class. And, despite a significant federal investment in initiatives to interest women in STEM careers, just 24% of scientists and engineers in the U.S are women.

Our solution was to create hands-on, inquiry based learning opportunities in STEM for girls. The creative, hands-on, problem-solving aspects of STEM interest girls the most and programs based on those aspects are the most successful in engaging girls and keeping them engaged.

Over 160,000 Girl Scouts participate nationwide in STEM programs annually. These programs offer girls of all ages the opportunity to engage girls in STEM topics, scientific reasoning, and allows them to apply concepts learned in school in new ways in supportive and encouraging all-girl environments.

In Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho we offer a full slate of STEM programs to girls across our region and through partnerships and collaborations with Itron, Mobius Science Center, United Way, Numerica, Avista Foundation, and others.

We’ve grown our STEM programs, but have outgrown our STEM space! Our new Maker’s Space will be a state-of-the-art center where girls and community members can access full STEM kits, robotics kits, podcast and filmmaking equipment, new computers, and a 3-D printer.

Our Maker’s Space will be a place that encourages learning, exploration, and fun!

Please consider making an investment in creating places where girls can gain the skills they need to succeed and thrive.