campaign for girls

Objective 2: Provide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to underserved and underrepresented girls across all the communities we serve. Allocated Funds: $75,000

Membership as diverse as our community


More girls live in poverty today than before The Great Recession presenting them with unique challenges including increased childhood obesity rates, a decrease in access to extracurricular activities, lower test scores and lower graduation rates, and fewer opportunities to learn leadership skills putting them behind their peers in areas that are critical for a successful future.

Our Troop 687 Program provides girls most at risk with the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts through fully funded troops. Girls get unlimited access to our programming, mentors, a uniform, scholarships to attend our popular day camp during off-school holidays and our resident camp, Camp Four Echoes on Lake Coeur d’Alene.

And to alleviate the burden of finding volunteers to lead these Troops, funds donated to the Troop 687 program provide stipends to volunteers and mentors.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho has worked closely with Spokane Public Schools to identify schools who could benefit most from this program and is working to seek additional community partners across our region to expand this program.

If you’d like to help make Girl Scouts more accessible to more girls please consider sponsoring the Troop 687 Program.