Campaign for Girls

Objective 1: Enhance and Expand Programming Allocated Funds: $50,000

Enhance & Expand Programming


We provide STEM, outdoor and environmental, entrepreneurial, and healthy lifestyle programming to more than 3,000 girls across Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho. In rural, suburban, and urban settings girls are getting research-backed programs that provide for hands-on learning experiences.

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s girls while providing them with the tools they need to thrive and to succeed at school, out of school, and in their futures!

Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls benefit in five key ways:

  • She develops a strong sense of self.

  • She displays positive values to act ethically, lead with honesty, and be responsible while showing concern for others.

  • She seeks challenges and learns from setbacks - she’ll take risks, open herself up to new opportunities, and embrace failure as an opportunity to learn.

  • She forms healthy relationships and learns to communicate her feelings directly, and resolve conflicts constructively.

  • She becomes a community problem solver, identifying challenges in her community and creating action plans to solve them.

The results speak for themselves:

79% of Girl Scouts are civically engaged compared to 37% nationally.

79% of girls pursue leadership opportunities because of Girl Scouts.

60% of Girl Scouts are actively engaged in STEM learning compared to 35% of her non-Girl Scout peers.

73% of Girl Scouts see a great future ahead of them compared to 64% of non-Girl Scouts.

As alums, Girl Scouts continue to lead:

80% of all female tech leaders are Girl Scout alums.

74% of female senators are Girl Scout alums.

60% of the women in the 116th Congress are Girl Scout alums.

Girl Scout alums everywhere are working to make the world a better place. Girl Scout alums like Dolores Huerta have championed for civil rights. Girl Scout alum Melinda Gates has given back on a global scale. Girl Scout alums Katie Couric, Karlie Kloss, and Serena Williams continue to break barriers changing the landscape for women everywhere!

In order to keep up with the needs of modern girls we need to expand our programming, train additional staff and volunteers with the know-how and skills they need to mentor girls, and establish evaluation mechanisms to measure program effectiveness. Help us by supporting this campaign objective.